While our main goal is experiencing Bulgarian cultural heritage, there is much more than that.
In addition to the city sites, we would like to give you a further taste of Bulgaria. We offer several outdoor activities such as Eco and Rural tourism. We are glad to offer our guests an immersion into the real, traditional Bulgarian rural and countryside life.  This is an opportunity to not only taste locally made natural foods and beverages, but also observe and participate in how these wonderful products are produced.  Our guests see the places and workshops, meet the people, and have the experience of actually being involved in the processes.   
          One of the main activities is walking tours. We organize a wide variety of hiking programs – winter or summer trips, mountain or city tours, one-afternoon to two-week itineraries with varying degrees of difficulty.  
         Also, a variety of adventure sports activities are available and widely enjoyed in Bulgaria. Hiking, rock and ice climbing, observing wildlife in their natural habitat, bird watching, kayaking in fast and calm waters, caving, rafting, horseback riding, skiing, snowshoeing, etc. Our company can offer the base, equipment, and guides for all these adventures, and can organize some mixed programs that include several types of activities. Together with Globul Tour, we will be glad to show you Bulgaria from a different perspective that is sure to result in a great experience and wonderful memories.
For details and more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. info@casaferrari.com