Duration 3-5 days (without me, you need to hire a car).

This is an amazing trip to the south of Bulgaria. The Rhodope Mountains are a beautiful mountain range with lots of breathtaking views and great scenery. Depart Sofia. Drive for about 3 ½ hours and you will reach the town of Smolyan. Nestled in the mountains, the town offers nice places to sleep.

The surrounding area offers options for hiking, caving and simply relaxing.

After Smolyan, drive about 2 hours to the town of Kurdjali. This is an interesting town with lots of things to see. Near Kurdjali (about 20km) is the ancient settlement of Perperokon, which was inhabited for 7000 years. It was a place of fortunetellers from ancient Thracian tribes. Both Alexander the Great and Julius Cesar visited Perperokon for the prediction of their futures.

You can sit on a throne of the king. Dated 6th millennium B.C.

Or stand on the Shrine of Dionysius, the place where the fire was inflamed.

You can see a Christian Episcopalian Church from the 4th century A.C.

Perperokon is completely surrounded by unbelievable views

For detailed information filled with interesting fact, you can hire a guide from the local Historian museum. The guide will escort you around the place.

From Perperokon, drive about 3 hours to the town of Sozopol, which is located on the Black sea coast. The history there is mixed with a great touristic atmosphere of a beautiful sea resort.

And, of course, enjoy an amazing sunset.

There are also options for romantic, relaxing leisure.

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